Online Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain Course

The Online Drawing Course

Would you like to draw like this in a couple of weeks?

Yes, it is possible and I would like to be honest with you, it’s not a miracle. In fact it does not happen overnight and you will need to practice a lot.
But I can make it easy for you and teach you how to start and do it in an effective way and how to create such beautiful drawings you see on this page and in the Gallery.

Selection of students' Drawings Gallery

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By reading the content of this site you may experience the following side effects:

  • You will learn to draw extremely fast and easy;
  • Even if you have never drawn before you will create beautiful portraits;
  • You will learn a different thinking and seeing mode;
  • Your life will be richer as you will be seeing “better” and seeing “more”;
  • You will achieve a high level of skill in drawing;
  • Your self-confidence and self-awareness will improve;
  • You will express yourself in a new way, in the language of art;

Only read on if you assume these risks!:-)

Does the story sound familiar?

Many people would like to learn to draw and be able to capture the world around them. We are taught to draw since our childhood but as time goes our childhood drawings suddenly cease. Although we try hard, regardless of the effort we apply, our drawings simply do not resemble reality and eventually we may just stop drawing. Why do we stop? Is it because we believe that we don’t have the ability and skills for drawing? Are we disheartened by our failed attempts to express ourselves through art?

The fact is that each of us possess the necessary basic drawings skills. Yes, you do have the ability within yourself. Now with my help, you’ll be able to bring it up from within yourself.

Before and After of The Online Drawing Course

Why can’t I draw?

Basically what prevents us to draw is the rational way of thinking, that is, the mindset that we use in our daily lives, which is simply inappropriate for the details of drawing.

Drawing in our everyday life is not considered important because we don’t need it fundamentally and therefore often we do not even try to see things differently.
This Online Drawing Course will teach you about the different ‘seeing’ and ‘thinking mode’. These will help you to acquire the necessary skills for drawing and become a good drawer.
In order to gain access to the required mode we’ll do exercises where our analytic and verbal left hemisphere remains in the background.

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Who is this online drawing course for?

This Online Drawing Course is structured for those who have little or no prior drawing experience. If you think you have “no talent” for drawing then this course is ideal for you.

You may have no interest becoming a full time artist but maybe you have. Whichever is the case, you are just at the right place. By the end of the course you will achieve a high level of skill in drawing and gain confidence to go on developing your expressive drawing skills in further art courses or by practicing on your own.

What about the children?
This drawing course is recommended for the age group from about 13-14 years upwards. This is because children achieve that kind of eye and hand co-ordination which is necessary to learn to draw around this age. Also, the exercises require a high level concentration even though this is a self-paced module.

If young children are completing this course then please be aware they may not see the same level of result until sometime later.

It’s not just about drawing

We’ll also learn how to control (on a certain level) the mode by which our own brain handles information. And that is exactly why this knowledge is also useful for other areas in life, not only drawing.
With the help of this technique you will be able to see things differently and discover applications to other activities.

So drawing using the right side of the brain is not only about learning how to draw but it’s also a tool to see the world in a richer way.
What we haven’t even noticed before is now suddenly visible.

The exercise will provide insights into the way your mind works, or your two minds work – singly, cooperatively or one against the other.

Many of the students, after the course, say that their life seems richer as they are seeing better and are seeing more.

By drawing you can express yourself and your individuality in your own way using your particular drawing style.

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What is this Online Drawing Course exactly?

This is a flexible customised drawing course taught online. It means that you do not need to spend any additional time travelling. You can learn from an environment of your choice – i.e. the comfort of your home, on the train or bus, during a lunch break at work etc.

Participants receive downloadable materials which can be saved to your computer.

This is a computer based course and as such these materials are developed specifically for computer usage. This means that; you cannot play them on a DVD player even if you burn the materials onto a DVD disc.

This Online Drawing Course is the adaptation and online version of the original “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain” method developed by Betty Edwards (About the method). I kept the original method and theory and added my own experiences.

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Interactive course

This is an interactive course where participants have the opportunity to directly liaise with the instructor. This course offers 7 consultation opportunities after certain specified exercises. So you won’t be left alone as your instructor will help and guide you along the way.
At the completion of these specified exercises you will have the chance to email your drawings – scanned or a good clear photo – to the instructor along with any questions which you may have. Feedback and suggestions for improvement on the artwork submitted will be provided free of charge.

This is a very important part of the course as sending your drawings after the nominated exercises gives the instructor the chance to follow the participants progress, provide comments and correct any mistakes at the earliest opportunity.
Of course, this is optional and it’s each participants choice as to whether they would like their artwork reviewed. If you do not want to receive feedback then you can complete the course without any help. However, the instructor consultations are useful and without any feedback participants may not reach the same level of improvement as expected.

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What you will learn during The Online Drawing Course?

You will learn the basic drawing skills and techniques which are essential for realistic drawings. During the drawing course you will be taught these skills and new techniques including the perception of the edges, spaces, proportions and angles, shadows and lights, and the perception of the whole.
Furthermore you will learn how to think and see as an artist does. Once you have been shown what it is like to think differently, view things creatively and learnt how to consciously control your thinking then you will be able to quickly switch into this mode and create beautiful portraits, landscapes and so on.

To see exactly the results you can achieve by completing this course please check out the Gallery for a selection of former student drawings.

Why is this online course good for you?:

1.) The course materials are divided into smaller parts in this way you do not need to devote hours at a time, but you can organize it for yourself just as you have time.

2.) We move step-by-step, where the different techniques are built on each other and you can build up your drawing skills from scratch.

3.) Due to the exercises you do not need to figure out how to use the theoretical material but you can practice immediately, in this way you will understand it better.

4.) With the help of the illustrations, descriptions and videos I show you what to do exactly. If something is too fast for you or not clearly understandable at the first time then you can stop, go back and review the materials again.

5.) You will liaise with the instructor continuously, so to say, you just got a private teacher who will help and guide you along the way.

Once you have acquired how to shift into a different seeing and thinking mode, and you have learned the basic drawing skills and techniques you will be gain the ability to be able to draw anything. It can be a human or an animal portrait, a landscape, a still life and the possibilities are endless.

The subject does not matter as the method applied is the same.

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What you will learn exactly?:

I. Part:

  • The theory of the “Right Side of the Brain” method;
  • The Basic drawing skills such as perception of edges, spaces, relationships between objects, lights and shadows, the whole;
  • How to achieve the appropriate thinking and seeing mode;
  • The complication of seeing the reality;
  • Drawing as a learnable ability;
  • Consciousness;
  • Drawing is only the means, not the end;
  • The necessary drawing tools;
  • Pre-instruction drawings;
  • Self-expression;
  • The right and the left side of the brain and their conflicts;
  • Mental shift -> An exercise for the dual brain;
  • Exercise for using the right brain;
  • Art of your childhood;
  • Pure contour drawing;
  • Hand drawing and the different styles of lines;


II. Part:

  • Perceiving the shape of a negative space;
  • The composition;
  • The Basic Unit and how to use the viewfinder;
  • Negative space drawing;
  • Perspective drawing;
  • Sighting angles and proportions;
  • The importance of proportions – Extra exercise;
  • Proportions of the head;
  • Profile portrait drawing exercise (with reference picture and live model);


III. Part:

  • Lights and Shadows (creating the illusion of 3D on a 2D surface);
  • The Value Scale;
  • The different type of pencils and which one to use;
  • Right side mode in perceiving shadows;
  • Shading into a continuous tone;
  • Exercises for shading (with reference picture and live models);
  • Drawing is only the means, not the end;


IV. Part:

  • Exercise for the better understanding of values;
  • Portrait drawing exercise with reference picture;
  • Self-portrait drawing exercise (lights and shades method);
  • Further two drawing skills (drawing from memory and from imagination);

What kind of materials will you get?

  • 32 overall about 100 minutes long Audio materials with Power Points,
  • 4 Video trainings;
  • 19 Step by step instructions for the exercises with illustrations in PDF format;
  • 28 Reference pictures for the exercises that you can print out; and
  • 7 Email consultations with the instructor.

With the help of the materials listed I will teach you the theoretical background of the method, the way how you can shift into a creative seeing and thinking mode, teach you the basic skills and different drawing techniques.

During the course you will be given information about the drawing tools required. You can buy these items in stationery shops, or art craft stores. Links will also be provided to online stores where these products can be readily purchased.

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System requirements

After you have downloaded the course materials you’ll get password protected zipped files. I will provide you the passwords but you will need extracting program for the extraction. If you don’t have any, don’t worry, you can download one from the internet. There are some which are free or have free trial period.

Other softwares/programs you will need for this online drawing course are the followings:

  • Adobe Reader or any program which can open PDF files
  • VLC Player or Windows Media Player or any player which can play WMV files
  • ACDsee or any other image viewer software

How long will it take to complete The Online Drawing Course?

This is a self-paced course with no time restraints. The length of time taken to complete this course is really up to you and the effort you apply. There is no deadline or target to meet. The participants have the freedom to set their pace and control their progress. You can finish it as quick as you want. For example, it is possible to complete the course within a couple of weeks, depending on how much time you can devote to practice each day.

There’s no need to rush. You can go at your own speed and take your time. If you wish then you can finish it within a month or maybe take your time and complete it within six months or more. The key is to enjoy what you are doing and feel the joy experienced by creating and discovering new things.

How much is this Online Drawing Course?

The price of this Online Drawing Course is: 286 AUD (no GST will be charged)

You can pay by bank transfer or PayPal. After you placed your order a confirmation email will be sent to the email address you provided during the ordering process. In this email you will get all the information related to your order.


Please note that the number of courses I sell in a month is limited. I want to avoid overbooking because I want to provide proper feedback to all of my students and it’s time consuming. If you would like to participate on the online drawing course then please secure your place now!

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